S.C. Black Sea Maritime Health Medical Center is a recently opened clinic, the project having been finished at the beginning of 2014. Black Sea Maritime Health MC wants to raise new standards in the field of occupational medicine.

The newly established clinic is run by two specialists with ten years of experience in this area. They are also certified by OGUK since 2012 and recently authorized after the first training organized by County Governor of Rogaland for petroleum doctors, both of them being members of IMHA (International Maritime Health Association).

Around these two doctors – having also masters in maritime medicine-has been formed a new team, consisting of internists, general surgeons, ophthalmologists, ENT-ists, neuropsychiatrists, psychologists and medical providers, all being able to provide high-quality health services.

This modern clinic, situated in an easy accessible location, in the center of the town, has two maritime medicine cabinets, six specialized offices, a psychological testing center, a medical analyses laboratory, all equipped with utilities and facilities of latest technology.

Medical examinations for testing the fitness to work, are carried out for seafarers, offshore installation workers, divers, auxiliary staff, etc. according to the MLC 2006 regulations (STCW 1978 rev. 1995).

Special emphasis is placed on the quality and the promptness of the medical services . Also, the fairness of the decisions made in certifying the ability to work properly , is very important for us ,so that neither the interests of the companies,who entrust us with their employees’ health assessment, nor theinterests and welfare of the employees , whose future depends on their job, would be affected.

To conclude , the specialists of our clinic also perform and support prevention and counseling specially designed to maintain the good health and to minimize the cases of incapacity of work or medical events that might occur on ships or offshore installations. We also take high responsibility to the employee, for the safety of the workers , and being concerned about preventing any possible damage to the property , or financial losses of the employer.